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Summarize and introduce the basic information of railway spikes


As a professional railway parts factory, our company mainly produces and supplies various railway accessories. According to the requirements of users, we can provide a variety of railway accessories with complete models and reliable quality. Railway spikes are also among the many railroad accessories and play a very important role in the entire railway track. Although the role of railway spikes is undeniable, not all people know about railroad spikes. For such situations, the basic information about railway spikes is summarized and introduced.

    There are many types of railway spikes, and users can purchase suitable and practical railway spikes as needed. According to the model of the rail, it can be divided into 22kg, 24kg, 30kg, etc. According to the major categories, railway road nails can be divided into manual road nails and mechanical road nails. Among them, manual road nails are hand-built, and the outer dimensions are uneven, but the price is cheap. Under normal circumstances, the goods are sold in tons.

    In fact, railway spikes are mainly used for the connection of rails or pads and wooden pillows, that is, a fastener for connecting rails and sleepers or pads and sleepers. The railway spikes are made of hot-rolled steel, and the shape of the lower part of the nail head is adapted to the shape of the bottom of the rail. The surface of the nail rod is smooth and clean, and there is no crack at the joint between the nail head and the nail rod, no burr, folding, no bubble on the surface of the nail, and excessive burning and cracking, which are widely used in coal mines and road traffic.