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What are the main uses of rail press plates and press plates?


Whether it is a rail press plate or a press plate, it is a commonly used railway accessory, which plays a very important role in the auxiliary arrangement of the switch. However, due to the variety of railway accessories, users do not know all the railway accessories. In order to avoid such a situation, and in order to allow more users to have a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of the rail press plate and the press plate, a brief introduction will be made mainly for the use of the rail press plate and the press plate.

     1. The pressure plate will not have the phenomenon of thread peeling, corrosion and failure.

     2. The rail press plate does not need maintenance, and the installation and disassembly are simple and quick, saving time and effort.

     3, composed of two simple components, the visual inspection is intuitive, reducing the workload of the inspection personnel.

     4. The pressure plate is absolutely safe and reliable, and has a long service life.

     5. It has the ability to resist longitudinal forces (heat rise and contraction) and resist large lateral forces (rail force).

     6. There is no need to drill holes in the wing of the crane beam, which reduces the manufacturing cost of the beam.

     7. The welding of the spring clamp plate should be strictly in accordance with the welding technical standards, and there should be no such phenomenon as “head-up” and “warp tail”.

     8. When installing the pressure plate spring bar, it must be fastened with iron wire to prevent operation errors and elastic damage.