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What details should you pay attention to when anchoring the fishtail bolts?


Although the fishtail bolt is only a small fitting on the railway track, it cannot be overlooked. The quality of the fishtail bolt will directly affect the safety of the track. Therefore, when buying and applying the fishtail bolt, you need to pay attention to it. A lot of details. Since the fishtail bolt is the main product of our company, we have a good understanding of all aspects of the fishtail bolt and know what details to pay attention to when anchoring the fishtail bolt.

     1. When anchoring the fishtail bolt, the nail hole should be cleaned, the original angle type should be restored, the bottom of the hole should be sealed, and the sand should be tamped with a clear hole depth of not less than 160 mm.

     2. Adjust the anchor frame to control the position of the screw. Once the solution is filled, it should not be overfilled.

     3. The screw pile should be inserted vertically along the left and right of the anchor frame.

     4. The square platform of the screw fastener should be higher than the rail platform, 5-8mm higher than the plate fastener, and 0-2mm higher than the steel fastener.

     5. The solution should be removed after solidification.

Through the introduction of the above information, it can be clearly understood that the method of anchoring the fishtail bolts is not complicated, but in order to ensure the anchoring effect of the fishtail bolts, special attention is required. Sulfur is flammable and cannot be stored near fire. When dissolving the anchoring material, the source of ignition should be controlled and the temperature should not exceed 180 °C. Workers should wear protective equipment and stand in the wind; the dissolution space should not be too far from the anchorage.