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What are the rules for anchoring spiral spikes?


As a railway accessory, spiral spikes also play a very important role in railway turnouts. Therefore, when the railway track is regularly inspected and maintained, the spiral spikes need to be carefully inspected and maintained. In addition, in order to allow the spiral spike to fully play its role in the railway ballast, in addition to ensuring that the quality of the spiral spike is acceptable, it is also necessary to master the method of properly anchoring the spiral spike. So what are the rules to follow when anchoring the screw spikes?

     1. The spiral spike is anchored with sulfur cement mortar. The formula and preparation process of sulphur cement mortar shall comply with the relevant provisions of railway track construction and acceptance specifications.

     2. Before the wrong solid, the debris in the reserved hole of the sleeper and the adhesive on the spiral spike should be removed. The spiral spike should be dry and its temperature should be kept above 0 °C.

     3. The anchoring method should adopt reverse anchoring, and the spiral spikes should be positioned by the mold. The anchoring slurry is injected into the hole from the bottom of the pillow, and is solidified and then demoulded. When the anchor is anchored, the bottom of the reserved hole should be tightly closed to prevent leakage. After the anchoring slurry is injected into the hole from the pillow surface, the spiral spike should be rotated vertically and vertically to be inserted vertically. The temperature of the sulphur cement mortar when injected into the hole shall not be lower than 130 ° C, and the segregation shall be prevented, and one hole shall be filled once. The grouting depth should be 20 mm longer than the length of the spiral spike insertion hole. The top surface of the anchoring slurry shall be level with the surface of the bearing groove, and the overflowed residue shall be removed and leveled after solidification.

4. The spiral spike should be perpendicular to the surface of the bearing groove, and the skew should not be greater than 2°. The intersection of the center line of the spike and the surface of the bearing groove shall not be more than 2 mm away from the center of the reserved hole. The bottom of the round bottom of the road shall be higher than the surface of the bearing groove, but not more than 2 mm, and the pullout force of the spiral spike shall not be less than 60 kn.

     When anchoring the spiral spikes, by paying attention to these details, by properly installing the spiral spikes, the role of the spiral spikes can be fully utilized, so that the railway turnouts can be safely driven. In addition to the production and supply of spiral spikes, our company also provides other types of railway accessories, complete in variety, reliable quality and reasonable price. Welcome new and old customers to cooperate with us.