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A brief understanding of the development of railway pads


The railway pad is an important component installed between the railway rail and the sleeper and plays a role in damping in the wheel-rail power system. In fact, with the rapid development of the railway transportation industry, in order to better meet the heavy-duty railway transportation, higher requirements are also placed on the railway pad. Through a series of improvements and innovations, the vibration damping, impact resistance and service life of the railway pad are improved. As the main product of our company, the railway pad will summarize the understanding of the railway pad for many years, and will summarize and introduce the development process of the railway pad.

    With the speed of trains, the stability requirements for track lines have gradually increased, and the railway pads have undergone four improvements. With the steel plate welding pad, the integralness of the welding pad is not high, and the mechanical properties of the pad are weakened due to the presence of the weld. The steel plate has a good integrity and high mechanical properties, which can replace the group of pads. However, due to the long pad, the deformation of the steel plate is large and the corrosion is serious, and the steel parts also have the disadvantages that the production of the track pad structure is not met. People will gradually turn to the malleable cast iron backing plate with low deformation and low cost. Since the production of malleable cast iron is obtained by forging annealed white cast iron, this production method prolongs the production cycle and increases the production cost compared to the direct production process of the casting in the as-cast state. Ductile iron has attracted much attention due to its excellent mechanical properties and good casting properties. In the as-cast condition, the iron ductile iron backing plate can be used to replace the malleable cast iron backing plate. Ferritic ductile iron is used in the manufacture of track accessories due to its strong anti-vibration and anti-shock capability, such as subway line fittings, iron pad plates, fast track pads, pre-embedded iron seats, passenger dedicated track rail pads, etc. .

I hope that through the introduction of the above information, in addition to understanding the development of the railway pad, at the same time, it can also indirectly increase the understanding of the railway pad. Of course, if you have doubts about the railway pad and want to know more information, you can contact us directly. Our company will recommend and provide suitable and practical railway accessories.