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The correct steps and precautions for installing the fishplate


The fishplate is also called the splint. It is an important component of the railway ballast and plays a role in tightening. If the tightness of the fishplate connection track is poor, it will directly affect the safety of railway transportation. Therefore, be careful when installing the fishplate, strictly follow the correct steps, and pay attention to the installation process. A lot of detailed questions.

     1. Before installing the fishplate, cut off the power of the tested electrical equipment and circuit, and temporarily ground the relevant components.

     2. Install the fishplates with two bolts on each joint, that is, each rail head is first.

     3. When installing the bolts, first put the flat washers on the holes and open them downwards.

     4. The contact part of the fishplate and the rail and the bolts should be oiled.

In addition, when purchasing and installing the fishplate, you should pay special attention to the model of the fishplate and whether the specifications are appropriate. As a connecting fastener for the connection between the rail and the rail, the fishplate is an effective product for rail connection. The fishplate connection saves time and labor compared to the rail welding, and the fishplate can be replaced at any time. Our company is engaged in the production and sales of fishplates.

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