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What are the standards for the mine wheels to function properly?


The mine wheel pair is an important part of the mine car, and in general, the driving mechanism of the mine car is mainly two wheel sets consisting of 4 wheels and 2 shafts. From the structural point of view, the mine wheel pair is mainly composed of wheels, shafts, bearings, sealing materials and the like. In order to ensure that the mine car can be transported normally, it must be ensured that the mine wheel pair can work normally. Then, under normal circumstances, what are the standards for mine wheels?

     1. The wheel must not have cracks, the tread surface is smooth and the rotation is flexible.

     2. The geometrical dimensions of the wheel tread shall comply with the provisions of GB4695-84. The wear of the tread shall not exceed 45% of the original thickness, and the wear of the rim shall not exceed 35% of the original thickness.

     3. The diameter difference between the two wheels of the same wheel should not exceed 2mm.

     4. Single-row radial ball bearings are worn, and the radial clearance must not exceed 0.5mm.

     5. Overhaul trucks are generally not allowed to use old bearings. Old and new bearings on the same wheel pair must not be mixed.

     6. On the same mine car, the radial gap difference of the old bearing should not exceed 0.1mm.

     7. After assembly with old bearings, the amount of swing of the wheel (after the front side of one side) must not exceed 2 mm (quantity rim).

     8. When the axle journal is worn, no knurling or insert repair is required. The bending of the axle must not exceed 1 mm.

     9. The wheelbase of the mine wheel pair shall comply with the regulations of the narrow-gauge electric motor vehicle.


     10. When the mine wheel is fixed on the frame, the clearance between the retaining ring and the shaft seat shall not exceed 5mm. The tolerance of the wheelbase shall not exceed 2mm. The two axes should be perpendicular to the longitudinal centerline of the frame.

     11. The mine car is inspected on a horizontal track. The gap between the four wheels that does not touch should not exceed 1 mm.

      When the mine wheel pairs are regularly inspected and maintained, these details can be checked to ensure that the mine wheels are functioning properly. In fact, there are a lot of information about the mine wheel pair. If you want to know the mine wheel pair, you need to know more information. In response to this demand, we can log in to our company's official website for consultation, and our company will periodically summarize and publish some information about mine wheel pairs.