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The role of various stages of machining of wheel forgings


The machining route of wheel forging machining can be divided into the following processing stages, and the functions of each processing stage are:

1. The roughing stage of the wheel forgings is to efficiently remove most of the margin on each machined surface and to provide precision preparation and surface roughness preparation for semi-finishing. The rough machining stage can achieve low precision and large surface roughness, which requires high productivity in roughing.

2. The semi-finishing stage of the wheel forgings aims to eliminate the machining error left after the rough machining on the main surface, so as to achieve a certain precision, to prepare for further finishing, and to complete the processing of some minor surfaces.
3, the wheel forging finishing stage, the machining allowance and cutting amount in this stage are very small, the main task is to ensure the size, shape, positional accuracy and surface roughness of the main surface of the wheel forging.

4. The finishing stage of wheel forgings, including honing, super finishing, mirror grinding and other finishing methods, the machining allowance is extremely small, the main purpose is to further improve the dimensional accuracy and reduce the surface roughness, generally can not be used Correct the position error.