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Mine railway spike product details


Mine railway spikes are mainly used for the connection of rails or pads and wooden pillows, that is, a fastener for connecting rails and sleepers or pads and sleepers. The mining road nail adopts the hot-rolled steel manufacturing technology, and the shape of the lower part of the nail head is adapted to the shape of the rail bottom. The surface of the nail rod is smooth, the joint between the nail head and the nail rod is free from cracks, the tip end is free from burrs and folds, the surface of the nail surface is free of air bubbles and the over-burning and cracking which hinder the use, and is widely used in coal mines and road traffic.

Manual road nail model: 8*80 nails, 10*100 nails, 12*120 nails, 14*140 nails (need to be customized in advance), the smaller the specification, the higher the price.