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Function and quality identification of Distance plate


As a kind of railway accessories, gauge baffle, like other kinds of parts, plays a very important role in railway switches. The main function of gauge baffle is to adjust the gauge and transfer the horizontal thrust of the rail. Therefore, the gauge baffle can not only realize the reliability and stability of the railway turnout, but also ensure the elasticity and rigidity of the normal operation of the track.

As a kind of gauge baffle, insulation gauge baffle is one of the key components of high-speed railway fastener system. High-speed train running on the track, will be a very dynamic effect, so that high-speed train ride more comfortable, more safe, insulation gauge baffle put forward higher requirements, the insulation gauge baffle to have a high strength.

There are other kinds of gauge baffles besides insulation gauge baffles. However, as a user, when selecting gauge baffle, one should not only blindly consider the price and brand of gauge baffle, but also pay attention to whether the material and model of gauge baffle meet the requirements. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of the gauge apron is qualified, the need to check the surface of the gauge apron when choosing whether level off, scale and burr is clean, the contact surface also cannot have raised, if you have raised should be eliminated as soon as possible, and in the same surface does not allow to have the pit depth more than 2 mm point two.